Board of Selectmen Meeting and Special Meeting on Dispatch - July 29, 2019

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Approval of Member to Recycle and Solid Waste Comm 00:01:19

Approval of New Member to the Milford Recycle and Solid Waste Committee – Nancy Amato

Approval of Two (2) Land Use Change Tax Forms 00:04:25

Approval of Two (2) Land Use Change Tax (LUCT) Forms, Map 45 Lots 3-31 & 3-32

Request to Re-Visit and Approve Abatement 00:05:56

Request to Re-Visit and Approve Abatement for NNE Telephone/Consolidated Communications Map 30.


PUBLIC COMMENTS (regarding items that are not on the agenda)

Consent Calendar 00:06:59

CONSENT CALENDAR 1) Permission for Community Action for Safe Teens (CAST) to display purple flags/ribbons on the Milford Oval in observance of International Overdose Day, August 31st. 2) Approval to NOT use the PA-28 Inventory Form for 2020 3) NH RSA (31:95(b)) Request for Acceptance and Appropriation of Unanticipated Revenues under $10,000 – Donation to the Milford Police Department TrainingEquipment Special Purpose fund $250. 4) NH RSA (31:95(e)) Acceptance of Gifts of Property Under $5,000 – Donation of a custom made kitchen table to the Milford Fire Department $4,500.

Town Status Report 00:09:20

a. Paving Update b. 2020 Budget

Approval of Final Minutes 00:12:17

June 27 2019 July 8, 2019 July 17, 2019 (worksession)

Dispatch Discussion 00:15:45

Dispatch Discussion with Milford, Wilton and Mont Vernon Board of Selectmen

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